Brad Hicks grew up in the South Bay of Los Angeles. He showed artistic talent from a young age, and was recognized as a career artist in high school, winning contest and awards. In his junior year he started painting holiday windows developing his own personal style of lettering and cartooning. This seasonal tradition continued for over 20 years. His formal instruction began at El Camino College, Torrance, where he gained an Academic training in drawing and design. While studying for his AA degree in Fine Arts, Brad worked  as a sign painter, gaining hands-on experience in calligraphy, and the power of graphics. Over time, this paid for private school tuition at Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California, graduating in 1986 with honors in Illustration.

From there, Brad worked in numerous design studios and as an freelance editorial illustrator. In 1993 he move into the world of animation, Brad started as a background journeyman artist, then developing into a color key designer. With 12 feature films under his belt, 7 of which were at the prestigious Walt Disney feature animation Studios, in Burbank . 

Like any professional athlete who is always working on his skills, Brad is always working at his craft, his own personal fine art. His vision is influenced by his indigenous surroundings, and  Biblical parables. His mentors are the Master colorists from the Post Impressionist movement and the plein air experience, combining conceptual theories.

For the last 15 years of Brad's career, he has worked as the Art Director and Set Designer for his local church living art presentation, "Pageant of Our Lord". Choosing famous Christian works of art, Brad adjust the scale and graphic impact in Photoshop. Building sets to hold models, sculpting additional props and figures to reproduce an accurate representation. Brad oversees casting the models, designing the lighting, makeup and costumes, bringing the experience of the original paintings or sculpture to life with in human proportions.

Additionally, Brad gives back to the community by mentoring and teaching at Ambassador High School and private drawing, painting, and sculpting classes in his Studio. One outreach activity Brad is most passionate about at AHS is Club Chapel Art. Working with students to visualizing the Chapel sermon scripture of the week, we draw in pastels on 36x36" paper, communicating Bible truths in the visual arts.

Through all his experiences, Brad has developed his own personal method of communicating through many medias, with the purpose of inspiring creativity and hope ( Hopeful Art Enterprises Inc.) within our community. He has been married for 20 years to his beautiful wife, with three wonderful teenagers .