Conceptual  Works



Choices, mixed media assemblage

Assembling common ready-made objects and assigning them opposing worldviews. The round garden shovel placed upon a piece of naughty pine wood evokes devotion to the earth. The pitchfork with the chard wood is symbolic of disaster. The Gothic shape with that 24 carat gold Leaf backing talks about refinement.  Like these tools we make choices in what we work for and how we live.

Our oasis: Los Angeles

In our dry desert region without the engineering of water our population would be miniscule. Water is the fountain of life. Like parables from the Holy Bible, God takes are cracked, Dry, and weary souls and brings rebirth, renewal, refreshment.

Surf Oasis

Opaque watercolors on board

Surf Oasis.jpg


These comments spade shovels have been sandblasted in brass


             Oil and soil on board.

with the Hebrew numbers, symbolic of the Ten Commandments. 

the tablets.jpg


Oil  on board.